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The Scroll of Ruth

Authors: Jo Milgrom and Yoel Duman

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Ruth Rabba 2:9 - 10 These took Moabite wives - It was taught on Tannaite authority in the name of R. Meir, "They did not convert them nor baptize them nor had the law been taught:`Ammonite male,` but not female, `Moabite male but not female.
... the name of the one was Orpah - it was because she turned her back on her mother-in-law.
... and the name of the other Ruth - for she paid attention to the words of her mother-in-law.  
R. Bibi in the name of R. Reuben said, "Ruth and Orpah were the daughters of Eglon: I have a secret errand for you, O King. And he said, Keep silence (Judges 3:19). And Ehud came to him ... and Ehud said, I have a message from God for you. And he arose out of his seat. (Judges 3:20). Said the Holy One, blessed be He, to him, You have arisen form your throne in my honor. By your life, I shall raise up from you a son who will sit on the throne of the Lord.
They lived there about ten years - as in about thirty, about forty, either less or more.
and both Mahlon and Chilion died -  R. Huniah in the name of R. Joshua b. R. Abin and R. Zechariah son-in-law of R. Levi in the name of R. Levi: The merciful Lord does not do injury to humanbeings first. From whom do you derive that lesson? From the case of Job…So too in the case of Mahlon and Chilion: first their horses and asses and camels died, and then: Elimelech, and finally the two sons.
... so that the woman was bereft of her two sons and her husband -
Said R. Hanina son of R. Abbahu, She was equivalent to the residue of meal-offerings.