Unknown artist   -  
The Battle of David and Goliath
Top register : David confronts Goliath after taking Saul’s armor off. Between David and Goliath lounges the personified stream of the Elah Valley. God’s hand emerges from the sky and points at David. The two towers on both sides represent the two clashing camps.
Center register : David stands opposite the armored Goliath, who raises his spear to strike. David, backed by Israelite soldiers, prepares his slingshot as he raises his hand and clock in defense.
Bottom register : David cuts off Goliath’s head using a large sword. To the sides are Goliath’s heavy armor and David’s slingshot and stones.

Source: I Samuel 17
Embossed silver   |  49.4 x 6.6
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Date : 629 - 630
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