Unknown artist   -  
Sarajevo Haggadah: The Seven Days of Creation
Right page:
Top level
To the right: The primal chaos is portrayed as white waters covered with darkness above. Dark vertical waves, symbolizing the holy spirit that floats above the waters, move above them and merge with the darkness.
To the left: The separation between light and darkness on the creation’s first day appears as a symmetrical and equal delimitation between a black half and a white half.
Bottom level:
To the right: On creation’s second day the world, which starts to be arranged, is narrowed into a globe, where the water waves are separated from the white sky above them. The upper light beams represent the word of God, who creates the world by the power of speech.
To the left: On the third day of creation the land grows trees and grass. The word of God is symbolized again by light beams that descend from the top of the picture.
The left page:
Top level:
To the right: On the fourth day of creation we see two planets that hang above the blooming Earthly land: one is small and black and represents the moon, and the other is bright and represents the sun.
To the left: On the fifth day the land is filled with animals, whereas the water is filled with fishes and other sea creatures.
Bottom level:
To the left: On the sixth day the land is inhabited with additional animals and with one naked man, who lies on the grass next to all the other creatures.
To the right: On the seventh day we see an anthropomorphic God who rests from creating and watches all that he has done as he sits on an altar-like throne.

Source: Genesis 1 - 2  |  Portion: Bereshit
Color illustration
National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo
Date : c. 1350
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