Cain and Abel

Unknown artist   -  
Orationes encomiasticae in ss. virginem deiparam by Jacobus Kokkinobaphos (Grec 1208, f.49v): After the Fall: Cain and Abel
Above, center: Adam and Eve, still wearing leaves, sit together on a high hill, representing the early stage of their life outside the Garden. Below, now grey-haired Adam and Eve sit in a house beneath the hill, wearing woolen clothes. They gesture toward one another, indicating conversation. Eve lowers her head in sorrow.
Above, left: Cain, wearing a white woolen robe; his offered grain lies on the altar, unignited beneath the blue arc of the sky; at the right, Abel, clothed in blue wool, offers a sheep from his flock, which is consumed by fire from heaven. 

Below, left: Cain and Abel sit in conversation; Cain holds tools in his hands. at the center, they move from sitting to standing. On the right, Cain cuts Abel’s throat with the tool. Abel’s blood flows to the ground.

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Source: Genesis 3 - 4  |  Portion: Bereshit
Color illumination
Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris
Date : 1100 - 1200
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