Garden of Eden

Unknown artist   -  
Orationes encomiasticae in ss. virginem deiparam by Jacobus Kokkinobaphos (Grec 1208, f.47): Adam and Eve

Above left, Eve stands before the snake, who tempts her. At right, Eve offers the fruit to Adam. At center, the angel of God reproaches Adam and Eve for their sin. Adam and Eve lower their heads in shame and put their hands on their breasts as a sign of regret. Their loins are now covered with plants. The spirit of Eden`s source carries a thick pipe out of which flow the four rivers of Eden. The angel of God exiles Adam and Eve from the Garden.

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Source: Genesis 3  |  Portion: Bereshit
Color illumination
Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris
Date : 1100 - 1200
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