Garden of Eden

Unknown artist   -  
Moutier-Grandval Bible (Add. 10546, fol. 5v.): Adam and Eve
Four panels illustrate the story of the Garden of Eden. In the upper panel, God puts Adam into a sleep and extracts a rib to make Eve. In the second tier, God presents Eve to Adam and instructs the couple not to eat the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. In the third panel, Eve accepts fruit from the snake and gives some to Adam; at the right of this panel the couple covers themselves, while gesturing their responses to God`s accusations. In the lowest panel, they are driven from Eden by a cherub and at right are pictured in their new roles as mother and worker of the land.

Source: Genesis 2 – 3, Bereshit  |  Portion: Bereshit
Color illustration
British Library, London
Date : 820 - 842
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