Women in the Book of Judges II

Unknown artist   -  
Morgan Bible (M.638, fol. 016va): The Levite returning with the dead Concubine; The Levite cutting up the Concubine
On the left: The Levite, wearing a round hat, returns with the dead concubine who is draped over the ass`s back; five men flank the Levite, who holds a whip to drive the ass.
On the right: The Levite, still wearing his cap, raises his sword over the nude corpse of the concubine, which lies on a table with her waist severed, her entrails spilling out, and her severed arm and leg fallen to the ground. One of three men points to the concubine; the other two, standing at the right, carry the severed head and arm of the concubine.

Source: Judges 19
Color illustration
Pierpont Morgan Library, New York
Date : 1245 - 1255
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