The Patriarchal Family

Unknown artist   -  
Morgan Bible (M.638, fol. 004ra): Lot’s departure from Sodom; Rebecca instructs Jacob; Isaac blesses Jacob
On the left: Lot leads his two daughters outside of Sodom, which collapses behind them. Fire falls from a cloud and burn the city. Many figures fall from buildings and get trapped within the wrecks. Lot’s wife looks back to the destroyed city and becomes a salt statue.
On the right: Rebecca clothes little Jacob behind a tree. Jacob holds a dish of stew. Jacob kneels before his father Isaac and hands him the meat dish he asked for. Isaac sits on a throne with closed eyes and feels Jacob’s arm.

Source: Genesis 19; 27  |  Portion: Vayera
Color illustration
Pierpont Morgan Library, New York
Date : 1250
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