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Visual Midrash is an online bilingual (Hebrew and English) collection of Bible art and commentary, sponsored by the TALI Education Fund in Israel. At present, the site contains more than 1100 art images relating to 33 different subjects from all three divisions of the Hebrew Bible – including such figures as Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, the women of the Book of Judges, the scrolls of Ruth and Esther and much more. Among the images are objects from the Ancient Near East; frescoes from the ancient synagogue of Dura Europos; medieval illuminated manuscripts; paintings, sculptures, lithographs, and nearly 100 other art media from Michelangelo to Rembrandt to Chagall to contemporary artists. This artwork has been culled from the world’s greatest museums, galleries and collections. The site also includes artist biographies and articles on the art as commentary, as well as extensive passages from Scripture, Midrash and Jewish, Muslim and Christian religious commentary.Visual Midrash is searchable data base, with multiple cross-referenced indexes. TALI offers this collection free of charge for your teaching, research and personal enjoyment and study.