Garden of Eden

Unknown artist   -  
Duke of Alba Bible: The Garden of Eden
Top register: On the left, God, wearing a fine robe and crowned with a halo, breathes life into Adam, who kneels before God still unanimated. At the center, God holds Eve`s hands and extracts her from sleeping Adam’s side. At the right, Adam and Eve kneel before God with clasped hands. God stands before them and forbids them to eat from the Tree of Knowledge.
Middle row: On the left, the snake, entwined around the Tree of Knowledge, tempts Eve to taste from the fruit. Eve holds the hand of Adam, who stands behind her, hesitant to act. On the right, Adam and Eve sit on the ground and hide, as God speaks to them from the sky and points his finger accusingly. Adam gestures in explanation while Eve remains silent.
Bottom row: On the left, Adam and Eve are exiled from Eden by an angel holding a sword. Their loins are covered by large leaves. Behind them stands a big fortress, representing the city gate, from which they are expelled.
At the center, the expelled Adam and Eve, now clothed, wander away from Eden. On the right, Eve bares a child, while Adam works the ground.

Source: Genesis 2 - 3  |  Portion: Bereshit
Color illustration
Liria Palace, Madrid
Date : 1430
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