Parting of the Red Sea

Unknown artist   -  
Duke of Alba Bible (fol. 68v – 69r): Crossing of the Red Sea

Left, above: An Egyptian altar and idol labeled as Baal Zafon. Right, above: An aerial view of the twelve paths God paved in the Red Sea for each of the Israelite tribes as they fled Egypt. Right, below: The Israelites women and Miriam praise God.  Left, below: Moses and the Israelites, protected by walls of water and an angel representing the pillar of fire, sing God`s praises. Left, center: The desert of Shur, populated by snakes, scorpions and other dangerous animals.

Source: Exodus 14-15; Targum Pseudo-Jonathan to Exodus 22; Exodus Raba 24  |  Portion: Beshalakh
Color illustration   |  40.5 x 29.5
Liria Palace, Madrid
Date : 1430
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