Garden of Eden

Unknown artist   -  
Bamberg Bible (Msc.Bibl.1, f. 7v): Genesis
The story of Adam and Eve in paradise:
Top register: At left, God, portrayed with wings and halo, forms man. At right, God observes as the man gives names to the animals, including the snake.
Second register: At left, God bends over the sleeping Adam and creates Eve. Center left, God brings Eve to Adam. Center right, the snake presents fruit from the tree to Eve who passes it to Adam. At right, Adam and Eve cover their loins with leaves.
Third register: At left, God confronts Adam and Eve who pass the blame to the snake, which now crawls on the ground. The leaves of the tree have become pointed and threatening. At right, God’s angel wielding a sword drives Adam and Eve out of the garden.
Bottom level: At left, Adam works the ground, as the hand of God gestures toward him. At right, beneath God`s outstretched hand, Eve sits on a chair, holding a child. In the middle, Seth leans over the shrouded figure of Adam in order to bury him.

Source: Genesis 2 - 3  |  Portion: Bereshit
Color illumination
Staatsbibliothek, Bamberg
Date : 800 - 900
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